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You are a troll and logic dictates to disregard every word from the intercourse mouth that is negative.

I am maybe not re-reading any such thing, Raindrop. I am let’s assume that you are stating that the very fact both of these dudes disrespected her boundaries is her very own fault for -gasp! – being up for the threesome within the beginning. Fuck that. Are you experiencing the same mindset toward a girl that is raped because “logic” states she should not have used a brief dress or had a couple of products? You are a troll and logic dictates to disregard every term from your intercourse mouth that is negative.

@37 Dan is a man that is real could perhaps perhaps not concur more.

@68: i am perhaps perhaps perhaps not saying its her fault. But she defines being in numerous circumstances whenever her boundaries are not respected and calls it a fucking nightmare.

And then you definitely get spinning up scenarios of everything you guess my mindset may be adultchathookups com. What’s going on with this?

You are getting flustered in your replies for me. A nerve must has been hit by me.

@62: “we didn’t ask for stranger’s SSN. I did son’t ask where he works. We asked a tremendously basic and typical concern: where do you turn for a full time income? He asked us those questions. So maybe maybe perhaps not reciprocating was shady as fuckedy fuck if you ask me. “

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