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Bronx D.A. ’s Office Accused of Rampant Sex and Booze Parties – But Are the Allegations real?

A former crime analyst in the Bronx District Attorneys’ office, alleges there is a culture in the office of on-duty sex, swinging margarita parties, and boozed-up assistant district r camonster attorneys stumbling into court drunk in a lawsuit filed last week against the city, Crystal Rivera.

“It’s been going on for quite some time, ” Rivera claims. You will find “narcotics parties” where prosecutors “are making love with every other and they’re married. ”

It’s hard to consider another full instance for which fees with this type have now been made against a District Attorney’s workplace. Will be the charges real? Close observers of this workplace of Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark have actually assailed Rivera’s allegations as “unequivocal bullshit” and “wild allegations from a disgruntled employee. ” “This is indeed far away from remaining field, ” one experienced Bronx attorney stated. Read the rest of this entry »

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