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Revenge sucks (nightclub) it certainly does, does it not?Each little bit of clothing and accessory that

1)honey trap (map, between 22 and 4u, at the least seven days played, at least 250$) ( public variation) then you need 50 fitness, 25 if you have the martial arts skill If you lose then your stats drop and you lose 500$ if you want to beat Danny

2)revenge sucks (nightclub) it surely does, doesn’t it?.3)going for a swim (family room, between 20 and 0u, Sasha and Bree are not within the space) Unlocks Lexi for normal game play Unlocks kissing Unlocks dating.Side-events Jack and Lexi: 1) date interrupted (on a romantic date with Lexi in the shopping mall, at the very least .2 that is 75lp pimping made simple (between 16 and 17u, 5% chance) Say not necessarily and okay to carry on this course (now where’s my feather hat and cane!).3) well that has been simple (speaking with Lexi, 5% opportunity ) You lose 10lp (and your immortal heart, you heathen!)

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