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So how exactly does my fridge water line hook up to the valve?

I happened to be delivered A whirlpool refrigerator that is new today. I had an existing 1/4 ” copper pipe that I utilized as being a water supply line.

We slice the copper pipe with a pipeline cutter, and I slipped a compression nut and sleeve at risk. We slid the pipe in to the water inlet valve and tightened the compression nut.

After turning from the water (and confirming no leakage) we went a gallon of water out of the front side dispenser. Unexpectedly, the fitting to that we connected the compression nut popped out from the valve and sprayed water all over. Evidently, you’ll find nothing to put up this fitting in there. Have always been we something that is doing, or perhaps is the valve faulty?

The compression nut doesn’t leak at all, as well as the water moves efficiently from the fitting when it is eliminated like in the 2nd photo.

This is basically the view within the valve in which the fitting plugs in. The screen can be seen by you in there that prevents debris. I do not see such a thing covering it.

Change: as you can plainly see into the 2nd photo, there was a lip that one thing into the green valve is meant to seize. I could see two steel teeth within the green valve that probably retract to seize the lip. Read the rest of this entry »

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