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Peer-to-peer financing explained. What exactly is peer-to-peer (P2P) financing?

Peer to peer lending matches up people seeking to spend their funds with individuals who would like to borrow it, spending greater interest to savers and reduced rates for borrowers. Learn how it really works.

With rates of interest on cost cost savings records and money Isas struggling to conquer inflation, numerous savers are considering putting their cash into riskier assets that provide a significantly better price of return.

Peer-to-peer financing is similar to preserving by having a bank, but will pay a lot higher interest rates. But unlike a savings that are traditional, you can easily lose cash.

Peer-to-peer lending sites match savers, who will be happy to lend, with borrowers – either individuals or businesses that are small.

By cutting out of the middleman rather than getting the overheads of conventional banking institutions, peer-to-peer internet sites can frequently provide you more favourable prices, whether you are a loan provider or a debtor that has struggled to obtain a unsecured loan somewhere else. Read the rest of this entry »

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