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In a present essay about transmasculinity and feminism for the brand brand New Inquiry

Noah Zazanis writes about how exactly, before transitioning, learning exactly how he’d been harmed by patriarchy assisted him to get rid of blaming himself when it comes to physical violence done to him. But “it also meant that my conceptualization of my reality that is own my directly to label these experiences as physical violence, ended up being inextricably linked with seeing myself being a woman — or at the very least, inside this binary framework of whom harms and who’s harmed, as perhaps perhaps not a man. ”

The principal narrative of domestic violence keeping that guys abuse women — something which is, certainly, devastatingly common in heterosexual pairings — also elides a less commonly publicized tale that LGBTQ folks are just like most likely, or even more most likely, to see punishment from their lovers. Read the rest of this entry »

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